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F is for Frippery. The objets of frippery – jewelry, clothing, shoes, perfume, make-up – are seductive all by themselves. They sparkle, they accentuate, they leave a tantalizing reminder of ourselves on those in our orbit, especially those we touch. Our scent is left on their skin, our lipstick stains their body. The glimpse of carefully accentuated flesh and the rustling of silk lingers in the memory.

FRIPPERY! I’ll have you know it takes a lot of work to look like this. And the reason I put so much work into looking like this? Because you like it! Admit it. You wouldn’t have given me a second look without all the frippery.

His eyes glide the length of me, pausing at my décolletage – where the low-cut burgundy silk almost bursts at the seams from working so hard at containing me – and lingers on the sparkly diamond and ruby necklace that accentuates my cleavage and neck, and has the balls to look at me, stupefied. "You really think that?"

Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, in The Devil Wears Prada

What I love about The Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger, is that she takes us inside the world of all that encompasses frippery and shows us that at the core of an iconic business woman beats the heart of someone who wants love. Needs love. There is so much more going on below the surface, and that we need to look beyond the superficial.
Ultimately, I think that is what we all love about Chicklit! To be transported elsewhere, to be breathless with anticipation and laughter. And then, to be reminded that all that truly matters is obtainable.

In Prosecco & Paparazzi, you meet five vivacious, can-do women, who revel in all things frippery, but much like our heroine in The Devil Wears Prada, Andrea Sachs, they learn that, "not all that glitters is gold!" Prosecco & Paparazzi, when a mere mortal and a celebrity god collide. (Chapter One is available on

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Tracy said...

I've never been into it, but lately I am obsessed with jewelry!

Unknown said...

Great word!

Laurie Baxter said...

This is my favorite word so far!!

Unknown said...

I love jewelry, I must admit I am a little bit hard on it. I've been known to get up to my elbows in mud in the garden with all sorts of rings, bracelets and watches on. But honestly, I love everything that sparkles!

I love the word Frippery. I can't remember which Jane Austenesque author used it, but when I heard it, it embedded itself deeply in my psyche. Now, I try to use it in every book I write.

Thanks for the comments.

Wanda Tracey said...

I learned a new word today!! If that's what it means then I love sparkly and shiny things too.

Christina Boyd said...

I am going to start using that word in my every day life. Frippery:)