Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Taking a page from The Internship!

I’ve been rethinking the format of Woman Reinvents Self. So, I’m going to try a few new things, and if you like them, feel free to leave comments! Feel free to leave questions for me to answers – they can be about anything! Think of this as an Instagram Blog!

What I’ve been watching:

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I watch a series from beginning to end. Right now I am addicted to, Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown. It is a CNN series, merging all of Mr. Bourdain's passions – food, alcohol, politics and people.
As a fan of all these topics, I found the episode on Libya particularly fascinating. Four years past liberation from Gaddafi and the country is finding itself. Watch it, and tell me what you think!
Guess who these handsome fellas are!
People often say my hubby looks like Anthony... the resemblance can be crazy sometimes. I once convinced a group of friends I'd met Anthony on a beach in Mexico.
What movie made me laugh?

Just before school started, my family of four sat down and had a movie fest. My daughter picked The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. If you haven’t seen, you just gotta! Vince Vaughn wrote the screenplay and his sense of humor and tenderness is in just about every scene.
Two dinosaurs enter the world of high tech Google and find out what it means to reinvent oneself in a world that moves fast. There is a whole scene where Vince repeats, “On the line,” over and over and just about made me pee my pants.

What event has stuck with me the most lately?

Just like The Internship, life moves fast. My kids are both now in high school, and I felt the same pangs last week that I did when my youngest went to school all day. My life as a mother is quite busy, but I can see the end of this phase in our lives and I cannot help but ponder how quickly the time has gone. College is right around the corner and those days of picking up Lego’s and pulling on Polly Pocket clothes are long behind me, yet it feels like just yesterday.

I miss those kids, I miss the simplicity of their concerns, I miss being able to fix everything with a kiss and a snuggle. I’m thrilled they still seek me out, but their questions and dilemmas are soooo much more complex. This of course coincides with me entering an unspeakable decade of my life. Holy Smokes!!

What’s happening to me?

I am have been hard at work with my team from Booktrope for the last four months. Yes, I signed with them back in April and it's been an amazing journey. We are smoothing out the edges of The Accidental Series. New everything, really, and it’s exciting. I feel utter amazement at where I started as a writer and where I am now. There are miles to go before I sleep and every minute is utterly exciting…
Except for the fact that I am entering the unspeakable decade of my life and I kinda don’t want to. But! What’s a girl to do? How did you deal with turning an age that didn’t float your boat?

In part, I am coping by getting back in shape – and I mean to a level my body hasn’t seen since 1993. No sugar, no processed foods, no wheat, loads of exercise. I'm determined to look as great as Helen Mirren!

Where do I see things going?

Up! If I have to turn the unspeakable age, at least I can say with having lived those years comes loads of experience at making life decisions, and though I expect to fall flat on my face a time or two more, I know I will do it with more flair and I will pick myself up more gracefully. Because, what is life but trying something new and seeing how it goes? Doing the same old thing over and over is tiring. It lacks imagination. And in my doddering years, I want to say I lived with verve!
While looking for some snazzy saying to end my blog with, I stumbled upon this... I think I am going to take this sound piece of advice!