Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Very First Blog!

The concept of people reinventing themselves has long since been a fascination of mine. Why do some people change their lives on a regular basis and others fear any change at all? There are those who’ve had the same hair style since 1972 and then others who change person to person, group to group – chameleons.

I am an official military brat. I have a great deal of experience in reinventing myself; creating a new look, adapting my vocabulary to incorporate the ‘in’ slang words, or dabbling in different groups. I knew I would be moving anyway, so I could try being the perky cheerleader at one school, the gloomy rocker chick at another, or perhaps even the penny loafer wearing brainiac at the next. If it didn’t work, it didn’t matter, there would always be another opportunity.

During my first 13 years of public education I attended seven different schools, resided in ten different houses in three countries and five states. Over the next 13 years I attended two colleges, changed degrees six times, and resided in seven different houses.

When I was twelve years old my father was ordained in the Roman Catholic Church as a Deacon. The role of PK (Preachers Kid) was thrust upon me and gave me even greater opportunity to explore and observe the public versus private sides to people’s lives. It was through this avenue that I learned how much power I could have. If there was a dance at the high school on Friday night parents would call to see if my siblings and I were going; if the answer was yes, then they would let their kids attend, if we weren't then no. I was either profoundly popular or a dismal disappointment.

So where has all this taken me? Well, all over the place really. I’ve travelled extensively, had amazing opportunities just handed to me, held some interesting jobs (I never truly sought a career; born out of fear I might miss ‘a road less travelled’), and when I finally felt somewhat grown up at the age of 30, I married the love of my life.

Since then, we have lived in two countries, moved seven times, had two children, and have had two cats that we returned when we realized we weren’t pet people.

Recently I have shelved other passions to pursue writing novels. Not a path for the faint of heart. It never occurred to me that I couldn’t write the book; it was around page 213 that I realized I was going to have to try and publish this thing. I'm really excited about the book and the journey it has taken me on. I’ll let you know how the publishing process goes.

So, Woman Reinvents Self is a combination of the questions I find myself puzzling over and how they evolve into fictional characters… for example, why do some women still have bouffant hair do’s? Why do some women put their mascara on so thick that they have fuzzy clumping eyelashes? Why do some people rush to grow up and others never at all?

The polls will change week to week… I find the possibility of gaining insight into the world through your answers tremendously exciting.

Thanks for reading!