Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Charlotte Restrained Travels the World via Fiction Addiction!

Years ago, when I was studying Landscape Architecture, and was just about to give a presentation to professors, students and invited professionals on a project that was months in the making, I would tell myself, “It’ll be over in two hours, just relax.” This was after countless hours of research, miles of concept doodles on bum wad (what we called trace paper), and then days and days spent crafting fluffy and technical design drawings.

Many of these same skills have come to bear as an author; during the writing process and now as I promote Charlotte’s Restrained and Venus Rising. I have been asked several times as we prepared for the book tour which three words I would use to describe myself, my answer: curious, perseverant, witty. From beginning to end, the world of authorship is a tough row to hoe (or tough road to hold). It twists, turns, and meanders, and there is no map to follow!

Back in February, with two completed books and three partially written ones under my belt, I was ready to throw in the towel. Ready to take a paying job where I could show up, complete a set list of requirements, pack up my bag, and go home. Then three remarkable things happened.

I went out with a bunch of friends, most of whom are embarking on new careers, and we brainstormed with wine in hand. The ladies convinced me to look for different in-roads.

I was already reading books and writing reviews, so I went in search of book review services where I could connect with fellow authors. Immediately after signing up, I began receiving ten or more requests for book reviews per day. When the list hit eighty seven books, I had to put the brakes on. I am happily plugging away at the list, thrilled to be supporting new authors such as myself.

The third event was creating an account on Twitter. Though I worked at Microsoft as a software tester years ago, I am not a technology junkie, so this was a big step. I was going to have to figure out Twitter, try to find people to follow, forge connections, and then… and only then, start to promote my work.
What I had told myself years before as a Landscape Architecture student has changed, the big reveal won't be over in a few hours. Writing and promoting my work and those authors I respect will occupy most of my days.

At this point in the game I have read many blogs on Twitter Etiquette, writing, publishing, social media, and self-promotion. There are so many people in the Twittersphere who’ve unknowingly helped me gain confidence through their generous sharing of knowledge. The path that was once full of twists and turns now seems a little less circuitous, and so I thank you sincerely.

To all of you who have supported me, in person and online, I am forever in your debt.

I invite you to participate in the fabulous book tour that Fiction Addiction has organized for me. We’ve made it super easy, all you need to do is click here or go to my website. You will find links to interviews, reviews by respected reviewers, and Giveaways!

As always, thank you for reading!