Monday, September 21, 2015

Resolutions and Prince Harry

I have made some resolutions in the last week and I thought I would share them with you. I’ve heard that if you write down your resolutions you are more likely to keep them – we’ll find out! And yes, I will be honest if I succeed or fail.
To get us in the mood!
Instagram seems the latest and greatest social media format to add to my repertoire. Yes, I should have done it long ago, and to be fair, I kinda did last summer, but my goal is to do it! I think it is interesting to get a (literal) snapshot of someone’s life, so that’s what I’m gonna do. No promotions. Just me, being me, doing my life. Let’s hope it’s interesting.

In that effort I contacted my social media support person, my sixteen year old daughter, and got a lesson. She was patient (mostly) and walked me through all the do’s and don’ts. Since she follows me I am sure I will find out in no time at all if I’m doing all right. You can too, I am @KennedyCelia.
If you don't have a social media expert, I have been assured that doing artsy things with your photo is, "So Out!"

In closing on this subject, I will simply say, she did go on to ask me if when she is my age if she’ll be better at this kind of thing, cause’ she is first generation all things social media. I assured her the spirit would be willing, but the brain cells, maybe not so much.

I will love fall and winter. I just will. I have spent the past 49 years, 11 months and 51 weeks a spring and summer girl, but I’m willing to turn over a new leaf. Like the pun?

Who’s with me? Are you a fall and winter girl? I live in the Seattle, Washington area, and honestly, to not embrace the fall and winter is a bit ridiculous, considering that’s what we have for nine months of the year. More specifically, we have the following seasons (beginning September 1st) summer, fall, winter, fall, winter, spring, fall, summer, repeat.

I was mentioning this resolution to the same sixteen year old daughter because she loves fall and winter. When she asked me why I didn’t love them so much I said, “lack of color.” Her arguments about the greenness of the evergreen trees and shrubs, the bright colors of the changing leaves, bundling up, hot chocolate, well, they are all good. But when I pointed out that green becomes monotonous, and we have to clean up the soggy, grey mats of decaying leaves, and that her hair gets poofy with the increased humidity, I might have affected her opinion. So, I resolved, she re-resolved.

I am going to chill when it comes to kids and puberty. MUCH easier said than done. And since it isn’t my right to divulge the details, let’s just say, having two teens going through puberty and entering high school is akin to have a root canal sans anesthetic. (If I had to have this done, I would choose to be put out completely.)

I am going to watch more TV! Most weeks, at most, I watch an hour of TV per week. Last week I had a slightly atypical week and watched about three hours’ worth. There’s some really interesting stuff out there. I fell in love with The Mind of a Chef, Mad Men, and Fringe.
In the non TV watching, resolution making world that inhabit, we (the folks at Booktrope and I) are thrilled to unveil the new cover and series title for what was, The Accidental Series.
Prosecco and Paparazzi, The Passport Series, Book One will release 10/21/15, while Cognac and Couture (book two) will release in December.
Chapter One available on,

Thanks for reading! In closing, I'd love to share my latest favorite song! Forever, a James Arthur fan.