Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Inspiring Blogger Award... and Seven Interesting Things About Me!

Author Glynis Astie tagged me to participate in the Very Inspiring Blogger Award/Tour! Happily I received this invitation as I sat on the couch reading her book, French Twist.

This is a very fun tour to participate in, I get to share seven interesting things about myself. Then I have the honor of asking seven authors to participate. Which is terrific, because then I get to learn more about them (I'm hoping they'll share the juicy stuff).


1. I married my fiancé's best friend.

2. Bill Gates took me water-skiing.

3. I have backpacked through Europe three times and drive my family nuts when I yell, "I've been there... and there!" I'm usually jumping up and down while I point at the TV when I do this. 

4. While I was in college I worked for the Nuclear Engineering Division at a Naval Shipyard. My job was to assist developing tools to defuel nuclear reactors. (My parents picketed the shipyard on a regular basis.)

5. I've played blackjack with Mike Tyson.

6. (Sons suggestion: Most dangerous thing I've ever done) I went canoe surfing off the shores of Oahu during hurricane storm warning in an outrigger. With the ocean roaring in our ears, we rode the waves several times. We also flipped a time or two. I'd feel the canoe nose going under the wave, brace myself for the two bodies behind me to slide down. With a thud, we'd all go crashing into my friend sitting in front of me, just before being launched into the ocean. Bathing suits, sunglasses, hair bands, all went missing. "Want to go again?" Mike asked. "Oh yeah!"

7. (Daughters suggestion: Most glamorous event I've ever been to (other than my wedding)) While attending the University of Liverpool, the college of Architecture was celebrating it's two hundredth birthday. Princess Ann, Queen Elizabeth's daughter, attended the function. We were taught how to curtsy, shake hands, make chit chat. We were expected to dress nicely. However, we were starving college students. So off we went to Oxfam Charity Shop to buy a dress. I found a lovely LBD that I still own for about $5.00. I DID not meet Princess Ann though.
Who to tag? I would love to know more about Jan RomesJane Porter, Roberta Goodman, Kelsye Nelson, Erin Lawless, and Evan Asher.
The rules are, ladies and gentleman, post the logo, link back to me, Celia Kennedy, then list your seven things! Ready? Set? Go!