Monday, October 12, 2015

Make You Feel My Love

Who is inspiring me this week?

Sam Bailey! First, you just gotta watch this video, and then subscribe to Sam’s channel and watch all her videos…

IF you don’t have time for that, the short version is this, thirty-five year old prison guard who can keep up with Celine, BeyoncĂ©, Whitney Huston and Donna Summers.

It absolutely boggles my mind that there are people, all over the world, going about their daily lives, loaded with extraordinary talent. I can assure you that if I had even the slightest inkling that I could sing like this woman, I would be belting it out, everywhere!! Everywhere. Okay, maybe not, but I can’t sing like that, so we’ll never know.

What inspires me? Some people really do have the courage to lock the front door, drive their car, park it, get out, and walk through a door that could change their lives forever. Their passion, the core of who they are, cannot be suppressed and it feeds me.

If you have a passion and a talent for something, let it loose, let it go, the worst thing that happens is you’ve tried, had faith in yourself. The best thing that happens is that you go to work happily, every day.

It’s been two weeks, and I’ve gotten past it.

Today marks the two week anniversary since the harrowing event of turning fifty years old. I just wanted to assure all of you who haven’t arrived at this auspicious mark on the timeline that you will survive. Perhaps even thrive – have a magical experience where you feel empowered by reaching half a decade, set goals for yourself so that the next fifty years are vastly superior.

Ha-ha!! Okay, I got a little overzealous. Superior? Yes. Vastly? Maybe not so much. While I can easily believe that the content of my character will continue to improve, I sit here with a bottle of muscle relaxants for persistent muscle cramps in my lower back and buttocks. IF sitting still breaks parts of me, what happens if I decide to take up skateboarding or rock-climbing?

It’s been four months, and I’ve blown it.

I gave up wheat, sugar, all artificial foods and additives in June, and I’ve never felt better. BUT, it was raining hellaciously on Saturday, here in Seattle, and blah, blah, blah – my son and I had a great bonding experience over burgers, fries, milk shakes and… yes, doughnuts. In one afternoon, I threw caution to the wind and consumed all forms of additives, fat, sugar, and wheat.

I’m not gonna lie, it tasted really good. However, I think what made it absolutely worth it was hanging with my son. I’m all about seizing the moment, and if eating 15,000 calories of my sons favorite food gives me the chance to sit down and have a heart to heart, I’m gonna do it.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why didn’t you just have a salad, skip the shake and doughnut?” The answer is, “When in Rome…” Salad would have created an environment of mom and son, where what you really want is friend to friend. Sometimes, you just have to throw yourself on the grenade.

It’s in one week and I’m so nervous.

Prosecco and Paparazzi releases October 21st! Yikes!! I think I could release a thousand books and feel nervous every time. You put your heart out there when you upload a book.

He reached out gently to the rhythmically beating red orb, the means through which her life and love was created. She waited, sweat beading on her brow as butterflies flittered about her belly. She waited for his reaction. Would he lovingly caress the red orb, and give her a, “There, there.” Or, would he caress it and say, “Wow!! Amazing.” Or, the third option? Grab it, squeeze it tightly, wring it out, and leave her gasping.

Yup, I’m just a little bit nervous. But, if you'd like a little taste, check out chapter one on -

Just before I say goodbye, another video for you to watch. Another Sam…

I love this dichotomy. Two vastly different people, two dreams, two paths intersecting.