Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm Dreaming...

By FAR my favorite Christmas TV Show when I was growing up was, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. I think this could have been the origin for my predilection for Happily Ever After! So many incredible messages about the human condition and the resilience of mankind encapsulated in this forty minute cartoon.

I was digging around some old boxes of childhood memorabilia the other day and I found my diary from when I was 18. I have to admit that my Christmas Wish List hasn’t altered all that much:

My Wish List at 18                                                  My Wish List at 50


Yes, I am still dazzled by sparkly, pretty things and secretly hope that any of them might somehow find their way under the tree! What might surprise you is that my understanding and desire for Peace on Earth and Good Will towards humankind hasn’t evolved all that much. My parents indulging a whimsy once or twice a year didn’t warp my belief that the ultimate gift would be to live in a world where everyone was safe and had what they needed. Needed, not wanted.

All year I am reminded of the goodness that thrives in the hearts of people. One simply has to be as willing to look for it, as they are willing to look for the bad.
I have long since defined myself as a Humanist. Not a Christian. Not an Atheist. But a believer in humankind.