Monday, March 7, 2016

Must Haves! For Who?

When I was trolling my brain for what I wanted to write about on this rainy, Monday morning, as I battle a case of the stomach flu, I went to the interwebs and searched for inspiration. I stumbled across, Spring 2016 Fashion Must Haves. I think my attention was captured as a result of the unexpected weight loss program my body signed me up for on Friday.

As you know, I love fashion. I follow fashion bloggers and tweeters. I love shoes, I love purses, I love clothes. (Oddly, not a giant fan of jewelry.) I love looking at them. I love designers and reading what inspires a collection. I legitimately LOVE fashion.

I recently watched this interview with Rahul Mishra. The thought and creativity of his vision dazzled me. I'd let this man dress me any day of the week.

So, back to the blogs and trying to find something that would perk me up. After scouring websites, I landed upon an article in Elle Magazine and found pictures of "Must Haves." The question that quickly came to mind, is, “For who?”

I’ve read many an article where designers claim to want to design clothes for the “Everyday Woman.” Do these look like clothes you could put on? Seriously? Could you, the average woman, put them on? And if you could, would all your parts stay in place? Would a boob pop free, would your shoe stay on, would you get a sexual harassment charge filed against you? (Okay, that was a trick question, cause’ we all know that no man is going to file one against a woman whose boob has popped out of her top.)

What do you need to bring the “Must Have” party, besides a bulging wallet full of cash and credit cards? A ripped body. Toned abs, thighs, arms, and one presumes, arse.

We haven’t seen the backside of  these outfits, but I’m willing to bet good money that the back of this dress shows some bum cleavage. But, to be fair, I would wear this dress. It is utterly gorgeous. Full disclosure, on what I'd wear. Not what I would look like in it.

Which collection are you more likely to wear? This?

Or this?

All I can say is, don’t look like this!

Take a page from Manish Arora's sense of whimsy, Kanye West. He puts the fun in fashion.

Thanks for reading!

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