Monday, November 30, 2015

Turnabout is Fair Play.

What is the phrase? Turnabout is fair play? Handily spun by Mr. William Shakespeare – I say handily because he is/was a man (we presume) and it is a catchy phrase. A few weeks ago, I touched upon the subject of women’s foundation garments. And yes, today I will talk about, but not touch upon (for the sake of this blog) men’s underclothes. I would like to quickly point out an obvious and well known fact: there are double standards. I think they need to end.

While most women shoot for some facsimile of this:

Many men seem to be able to get away with this:
I've been happily married for twenty years, so no, this isn't the rant of an unhappy woman. This is merely my perception of the truth, that cultural expectations allow for this:

There is a great deal of discussion these days on metrosexuals. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, here’s a handy-dandy definition from a heterosexual, usually urban male who pays much attention to his personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle.

So we are seeing more of this:

But there is plenty of this, underneath that!

What am I getting at, you might be wondering? My goal is to persuade each and every one of you to dare to purchase any of these, and say no to the dreaded Tighty Whities.
Why? Because. Because the only time you see Victoria Beckham smile is when she is thinking of this:
And I have a strong suspicion (and have done more than a little bit of research) that given a loving nudge from the love of his life, your man is willing to go there.
But... I could be wrong.
Thanks for reading!