Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fairytale turned Chicklit!


Adora Wrestles Her Past!

Life for Adora had been tragic from the beginning.

Late one night, during her senior year in high school, Adora overhears her parents talking, and learns that she was adopted as an infant; her birth parents were the apparent victims of a vicious attack. Sadness overwhelmed her, but rather than confront them, she pledges to show her adopted family, the Hordak’s, how grateful she was for all they’d given her.

Determined to find a way to repay them, she decides the best gift she can give them, is to help them all find a way out of the rundown town of Etheria. But how? The answer comes to her, during school announcements one morning. Often complimented for her extraordinary beauty, it is her physical strength she is well known for and the wrestling team is open to girls for the first time ever. Maybe this would be their ticket!

Unexpected questions arise, when in Las Vegas for the National High School Wrestling Championships. As she is about to face her final competitor, she spots a well-preserved, middle-age couple in the audience who look very familiar. They too seem stunned by her.

As she walks to the center of the wrestling mat, dressed in a form-fitting, red, wrestling uniform (complete with black belt), a memory pops from the recesses of her brain – she’s seen this couple before… but dressed regally. “How odd!” she mutters to herself.

She shakes off her confusion, only to be faced with a new challenge – her opponent for the championship title is a dark haired, handsome boy, with a dimple in the center of his chin. When they shake hands at the start of the match, she feels his nervousness. Shocked, she stands back. She literally felt his nervousness.

What happens to the lovely and fierce Adora? Does she find her way out of Etheria? Can she change the future for the Hordak family? With each turn she takes, she feels eyes watching her, and they often belong to the couple she saw at the wrestling tournament.
Life takes a turn, when the name She-Ra, is whispered in her ear!
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ANSWER THIS QUESTION: You have a chance to meet your celebrity crush - what lengths would you go to to meet him or her? (Bonus Points: Who is your celebrity crush?)

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SArahMoon said...

Celebrity Crush. Wow I have met him ever so briefly. Neil Gaiman is my crush and I got to see hom and his wife Amanda Palmer. I had to get myself to go which does not sound like much but as my health has declined I have chosen to leave the house less and less. To go somewhere in my wheelchair feels like the most vulnerable thing I can do.

SArahMoon said...

Forgot my email address

Theresa Munroe said...

My celebrity crush is Michael Fassbender. If I had the means I would stalk every movie set he's on until one of us asked the other out to dinner. In my dreams.

desitheblonde said...

i have and love been in the componly of them work in calf for burl ives had alot of poeple come and to this day kick my slef for not getting rock auttogrph and that men rock hudson work for him saw alot of sexy men but at burl i had alot of gues come answer the door to one couple said farrah fuacet and 6 millon dollar man and then charlers angles i was in my last 30s so you could herd the hsoue crack up but all so used to work soem othe strs seen john trvota on beach all l the time with dog the dogs i sit would tke his dog thrw it in ocean

Jessica Meddick said...

Mark Consuelos is my celeb crush. I'd do pretty much anything to meet him, lol. I'd love to meet him and Kelly Ripa. =]

bn100 said...

the Rock; nothing illegal

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Shadow said...

I think some actors, like the hemsworth brothers, are quite hot, but i wouldnt do anything to meet them. If i met one of my favorite actors, and they were mean or something, that would shatter the illusion i have of them! I like just dreaming from afar. ;) Thank you!