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Charlotte Vs. Fiona


 Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop


Comparing Charlotte Young from Charlotte’s Restrained with Princess Fiona from Shrek!

Charlotte Young Molloy – Originally from a small town in Main, Charlotte moves to New York City. As a result of a major misunderstanding she has a Restraining Order filed against her by Des Bannerman, King of Romantic Comedies. With the help of her friends, and Irishman Liam Molloy, she travels the world in search of the world famous celebrity, hoping to rescue herself!

Initially, Charlotte is a clueless star-struck young woman who is portrayed as the archetypal brassy American tourist. She seems to give off an air of prissiness and self-absorption (a result of being star-struck). Charlotte’s true self emerges as her tale unfolds. She is actually a very confident and fiercely independent woman, who is a match for Des when it comes to self-preservation. Unlike princesses of fairy tales, she is an expert in the corporate world (CFO), financially independent, and wickedly smart. She suffers from very bad manners (just like Des), when she is horribly misunderstood and severely judged. However, she is very loyal and endearing when with those she loves.

If Charlotte’s Restrained, The Accidental Stalker were made into a Hollywood film, I would cast Paz Vega as Charlotte!

Paz Vega as Charlotte Molloy

Princess Fiona – Originally from The Kingdom of Far, Far, Away, she is hidden in a tower, waiting to be rescued by Prince Charming. Lord Farquaad, the ruler of Duloc, hires Shrek to bring Princess Fiona to him. When Shrek comes to her rescues, Fiona is not impressed, even when he handily defeats dragons and many other obstacles in their path.

Initially portrayed as the archetypal princess, Fiona regales Shrek with her expectations of courtship and high expectations of how she ought to have been rescued (and by whom). She seems to give off an air of prissiness and even snobbery - but as time passes Princess Fiona's true self emerges. She is really a very down-to-earth and independent woman, who can match or surpass Shrek when it comes to less than regal behavior - farting, belching, to name a few. A loyal friend, and independent, Princess Fiona can defend herself, since she is an expert in Japanese martial arts (hand-to-hand).
Princess Fiona as Princess Fiona
Contrast and Comparison

Charlotte has conflict with a King, Fiona has conflict with a Lord!

Ryan Reynolds as Des Bannerman

Charlotte falls for an Irishman, Liam Molloy, while Fiona falls for an Ogre with a Scottish brogue - Shrek!
Dylan McDermott as Liam Molloy
Shrek as Shrek
Charlotte falls into a depression and goes from high maintenance to “in-need-of” maintenance. Fiona falls in love and goes from beauty to ogre.

Finally, Fiona is dosed with a love potion by Prince Charming, which turns her into back into a beautiful woman, yet she still doesn't fall for him. Shrek drinks the potion and turns into a gorgeous Scotsman. But true love is true love, and in the end they decide they'd rather be themselves, Ogres, than anything else.
Charlotte and Liam, don't need to be dosed with love potions to be gorgeous OR enjoy a steamy romance - their love for life and each other makes all things possible!

Buckle up, we have Ogres, princesses, celebrities, and strong confident women and men wrestling for the win, in this Fairy Tale Blog Hop!
Shrek, after a dose of Love Potion #5!

Charlotte’s Restrained, The Accidental Stalker

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Celia Kennedy said...

Don't forget to answer this question in order to win the Fairytale Brownies: "If you had a chance to meet your celebrity crush, what lengths would you go to, to meet him or her? (Bonus Points: Who is your celebrity crush?) - Don't forget to include your email address!

Ash said...

My celebrity crush is Gerard Butler and I would do pretty mich anything to get a chance to meet him. Whether it be stalk him, or purposely run into him, the feel of that chest and hearing him talk would be worth it.

Celia Kennedy said...

Ash - He is pretty hot! One of my all time favorite movies is, How to Train Your Dragon. - He was the voice of one of the characters.
Thanks for playing along. If you'd like a chance to win the brownies, please submit your email address.

Katie Watkins said...

Henry Cavill. I'm shy, so I don't know if I would actually dare go to lengths to meet him. I would probably pass right by him and pretend I don't see him and then kick myself forever. :)

Celia Kennedy said...
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Celia Kennedy said...

I'm conflicted... In real life I can perceive it is invading their privacy... but then I think, "When am I going to get this chance again?" I have met several celebs and depending on their approachability factor, I make a decision. Henry Cavill though... I think I'd have to go for it!

Cheryl R said...

I would climb over walls to get to see my crush, the crush is Ian S from Lost!

desitheblonde said...

done that work for the stars in calf as house keeer i met burl ives and said frosty the snow man and then i got hired we had party at the hosue lew of the wicked wife i was maid house keeper and answer door for party and siad 6millon dollar man fararh fauwcet and charly angle broads and then the hsoue busted up laughing then i worked for rock he took me for burl rock hudon was agreat guy great man then i was sitting soem great dog and john travolta call the hosue and say he got the dog so i have to go get the dog but i regrett not getting autogrphed of them i have seen the show being film in la were i live all the time the klittle house and the people who played it
desitheblonde at msndot com

desitheblonde said...

allso saw dolly parton in the basement of the store in nashville trying on boots talk to lorretta lynn got her mom to get me autograph pic and told her her place was haunted bad that it made me sick to my stomach and told her that some oen keep juming acr0ss the fence and took pic and showed them to her they were spritrt 2 week later the hounting crew were there

Shadow said...

I think some actors, like the hemsworth brothers, are quite hot, but i wouldnt do anything to meet them. If i met one of my favorite actors, and they were mean or something, that would shatter the illusion i have of them! I like just dreaming from afar. ;) Thank you!