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What's On Page 45?

Chick Lit Chat – What’s On Page 45?


It’s New Year’s Eve in Chamonix, France and Charlotte Young finds out her celebrity crush is amongst the celebrities in town celebrating!
Chamonix, New Years Eve

After her plotting and scheming fails, she convinces her best friend, who resembles a young Sophia Loren, to use her curves and sexual charisma to wile their way into his orbit.
One sultry stroll across a crowded casino gains the attention of every male in the room. Fortune is on Charlotte’s side, and she meets her celebrity crush, Des Bannerman.

Des Bannerman
Charlotte Young

Her BFF, Tiziana, spend the evening charming Des’ friend, giving Charlotte a chance to drink champagne and roll the dice with the King of Romantic Comedies!

Not realizing the enormity of her fifteen minutes of fame, their night on the town lands Charlotte on the cover of tabloids world-wide, and the paparazzi wanting more. On Page 45 we find Charlotte and her four closest friends are trying to escape the vying photographers. On the small knoll where the chalet stood, the only area not heavily landscaped by snow-covered evergreen trees, was a sea of photographers, all ready to take pictures and shouting, “Which one of you is the other woman?”
Tiziana Caputto
Bravely Charlotte, Hillary, Marian, Kathleen and Tiziana fight their way through the throngs to their rental car, hoping to make it to a local spa for a day of pampering. Kathleen grabbed my elbow and propelled me towards the white four-wheel drive vehicle that Hillary had rented. It wasn’t often that Kathleen was commanding, but she said just loud enough, “Everyone, duck your heads, stay in a group, Charlotte’s in the middle, don’t say a word.”
Charlotte, raised in a small town in Maine, works for a public relations firm in New York City. She’s used to dealing with celebrities and PR events. She’s not used to be at the center of the frenzy. I lost it! I flopped down, laying across Kathleen and Tiziana’s laps in the backseat, and laughed my head off. “This is so fucking ridiculous!”
 Girls, what did you do last night?” asked Hillary. After Tiziana and Charlotte had landed their men the previous night, Kathleen, Marian, and Hillary went their separate ways, unknowing of what exactly transpired between their friend and the handsome and entertaining actor. Hillary, a British Rose, is from a long line of Bluebloods in England. The maelstrom of media attention is far from all things respectable.

Kathleen Ehlers

Fortunately for the ladies, they have Irishwoman, Marian! She’s brave, witty, sarcastic, and at times, brash. “Bloody hell! How the feck am I supposed to drive through this lot?” Marian and Hillary often clash on how they think things should be handled, but two certainties unite them, friendship and loyalty.
Hillary Cavendish
Marian Connolly
Marian drives them to safety, while Hillary shields Charlotte, as Kathleen calls the spa and demands access to the celebrity entrance. Tiziana does what she does best, dazzles them with her beguiling eyes and pouty smile!
“I wonder what this is like when you’re an actual celebrity. I’m not sure how long I can stand this!” I complained. What will Charlotte have to endure to survive her fifteen minutes of fame?

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You’ll need to read beyond page 45 to find out! Charlotte’s Restrained, The Accidental Stalker.



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