Sunday, May 10, 2015

Miss Chick Lit 2015


My name is Charlotte Young. I am a 33 year old Chief Financial Officer for a PR firm… born and raised in the great state of Maine. You may think you know all about me – from when a certain celebrity and I appeared in tabloids and on entertainment TV worldwide. I want to assure you I’m not a stalker, I just took the opportunity to meet my celebrity crush – I mean who doesn’t want to meet Des Bannerman? Anyway, I digress. I studied at Oxford University (love the pubs), love to travel (which is how I got into this mess), food is a passion, and I’m super tight with a four tremendously capable, utterly witty, very vivacious women (whom I met in a pub, which is a story all by itself).

The Swim Suit Competition!

As you can see, I am a petite, curvy girl! I recently bought this Melissa Odabash piece in a lovely boutique in Chelsea, London. For you petite ladies who are tired of shopping in the girls section at department stores, venture into specialty shops. The vertical lines, splash of color, and supportive bikini bra made me feel ten feet tall!  While I wouldn’t say I am super sporty, I do like a bathing suit that lets me run around and look sexy at the same time.

I recently bought this suit when my girlfriend, Tiziana, invited all of us to join her in Saint Tropez. Needless to say, I wanted to look my best.


I love, love, love, disco music. One of my favorite childhood memories is of me, my sisters, and my parents dancing after dinner – the music would be blasting, we’d all sing on the top of our lungs, and just dance, dance, dance, until we collapsed and it was time for bed.

Tonight I would like to perform “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” by Belinda Carlisle, as a tribute to my wonderful childhood.


Interview Question!

How have your friends influenced your life? Which friend has influenced you the most?
Hillary Cavendish

Marian Connolly


Wow, this is a tough question, because I have four fabulous friends, who have seen me through so many ups and downs. Tiziana, Hillary, Marian, and Kathleen know I love them to pieces – we meet while in graduate school at Said School of Business, at Oxford University. Over the last ten years, whether it was career decisions, or which color lipstick to wear, they’ve all been there for me.
Tiziana Caputto

We’ve spread all over the globe, but we talk all the time, and Hillary organizes annual vacations – so I am super grateful to her for that. Marian is wickedly funny; the snarky, sarcastic sort of funny. Fiercely loyal too. Kathleen is the more than just a pretty face, she is really driven. On more than one occasion she’s bailed us all out of some tight spot. Then there’s Tiziana…think Sophia Loren with a really high IQ and you’ve got Tiziana. Sexy, smart, generous, dramatic.

Kathleen Ehlers

Honestly, I couldn’t say one has influenced me more than another. I would be lost without them all.

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How have your friends influenced your life? Which friend has influenced you the most?
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Unknown said...

Love the glamorous costume, Celia! :-) x

Unknown said...

Thanks Pippa! I think it is gorgeous.

Unknown said...


Engy Albasel Neville said...

Nicely done!

Unknown said...

Thanks Whitney and Engy! You're so kind... we should go to Saint Tropez! How fun would that be?

Book Blogging Mom said...

My friends have made me a better person in all ways by knowing each of them! I would say my biggest influence would be my friend Melissa! We have been through everything together!

Bethany Clark

Unknown said...

Bethany, I'm with you... my friends are so important to me. It is their friendship and support that inspired me to write The Accidental Series.

Cat Lavoie said...

Great post! Charlotte is singing one of my favorite songs! :) I have so many great memories associated with that awesome tune!

Tracie Banister said...

I am seriously coveting that fabulous polka dot bikini. Charlotte has great taste! Sounds like she has an amazing group of friends.

Wonderful post, Celia! :)

Anonymous said...

seriously envious of that bathing suit. I will never be able to wear it and it's awesome

Unknown said...

Love your post, Celia! Gorgeous photos, intriguing story and humor. :)

Tracy said...

Great post!!!! And for a friend, I think my neighbor. She's been such a great supporter and listener.

Mary Preston said...

I have 5 sisters who are also my best friends. The love is a given, but it's amazing when you actually like them too. 4 of my sisters are older, so they paved the way re: make-up etc. Less hassle for me when I was getting into stuff.

Mary Preston

Unknown said...

Thanks for lovely comments! Friendship and bikini's... the two things we endeavor to have in our lives - aside from true love, that is.

Teresa G said...

My friend Barbara has been the most influential in my life. She is a genuine, kind spirit and so positive about life.

Jessica said...

I think my friends have made me more kind and patient. My parents have influenced me the most.

Colleen Oakes said...

That bikini is off the hook. I could never pull it off, but it sounds like your character would have NO problem with it.

ArielleDeltoro said...

Oh, this is an easy one and a tough one at the same time! My friends inspire and influence my life by being strong, confident and thoughtful young women. They inspire me in their everyday choices and decisions and in the way that they treat those around them. I couldn't choose just one person that has inspired me more than another. I have a close-knit group of girlfriends and I adore them all. They all inspire me to be the best person I can be and at the same time, if I ever slip from being my best, they're there to help me up and moving forward.


bn100 said...

they have fun ideas for when we hang out; all of them

bn100candg at hotmail dot com